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Clavia’s Storage Closet | Magic Item for D&D 5e


Wondrous Item, Rare

This large, obsidian key has a two digit number embossed in gold on its handle (DM’s choice.) When laid flat on the user’s palm, the key will create a small door to a demiplane. The door measures 2ft wide by 6ft tall. The space inside measures 5ft wide by 5ft long, and 10ft tall.

Any items left inside the space remain there until the space is accessed once more. This key can only access the space it is attached to, and no others. A breathing creature within a closed storage closet can survive for up to 10 minutes, after which time it begins to suffocate.

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Animated Moose Head | Monsters for D&D 5e

“Hey Roy… why are those trophy antlers looking at us?”

Medium construct, unaligned

Armor Class: 15
Hit Points: 40 (5d10+10)

Abilities: Str 18 (+4), Dex 16 (+3), Con 14 (+2), Int 7 (-2), Wis 7 (-2), Cha 7 (-2)

Skills: Perception +4
Senses: passive Perception 14
Challenge: 1 (200 XP)

Charge. If the Animated Moose Head moves at least 20 feet straight toward a target and then hits it with a ram attack on the same turn, the target takes an extra 7 (2d6) damage. If the target is a creature, it must succeed on a DC 14 Strength saving throw or be knocked prone.

Ram. Melee Weapon Attack: +6, one target. Hit: 5 (1d6+2) bludgeoning damage.

Gore. Melee Weapon Attack: +6, Reach 10ft., one target. Hit: 7 (2d4+2) piercing damage.